Want to protect and enhance your natural beauty?

Reveal the beauty within with Cosmetic Culture

Cosmetic Culture have three convenient cosmetic clinics throughout Sydney. Using the latest science and evidence-based treatments, Dr Tim and his team offer personalised service to ensure every treatment is just right for you.

Specialising in non-surgical cosmetic treatments that:

  • use precision techniques for natural looking results
  • are safe and administered by aesthetic nurses and doctor with over 20 years of experience
  • require minimal recovery time.
Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

With a wide range of treatment options available, we can create lasting improvements to the look and feel of your skin and body. Your safety is our number one priority and we believe in doing things right. Our team of medically trained aestheticians are registered nurses and are led by one of Sydney’s leading plastic surgeons.

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Surgical Procedures by

Dr Tim’s level of experience and attention to detail are virtually unmatched for cosmetic surgery in Sydney. His work is often described as surgical artistry for his immaculate results, attention to detail and extensive evidence-based practice. Each treatment is as unique as your body and your goal. Dr Tim combines state of the art techniques with the highest level of patient care to ensure you get the results you dream of.

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Popular non-surgical treatments at our Sydney cosmetic refinement clinics

Anti Wrinkle Injections
Anti Wrinkle Injections
Smooth fine lines and soften wrinkles with effective, yet natural results.
Lip Fillers
Lip Fillers
Rejuvenate and add new life to tired and sagging skin with renewed volume and tone.
Hydrate your skin from the inside out with treatments that work with your body to regenerate skin cells and regain youthful plumpness.
Skin Laser Treatments
Skin Laser Treatments
Reveal your best skin yet with laser treatments that help your skin renew from within.
Non-invasive fat removal that works with your body to shape and tone stubborn fat areas.
Jan Marini Medical Grade Skin Care
Jan Marini Medical Grade Skin Care
Science based skincare that help to heal, renew and refresh your skin as they enhance your natural beauty

Lead by Plastic Surgeon Dr Tim Papadopoulos

Specialist’s cosmetic clinics in Sydney

Highly acclaimed cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tim Papadopoulos leads an experienced team of aestheticians, dermatologists and nurses in his three specialist cosmetic clinics in the heart of Sydney, Lane Cove and Penrith.

When you are looking for natural looking improvements and don’t want any down time from surgery then our non-surgical treatments are ideal.

Dr Tim and his team treat medical and aesthetic skin conditions with the latest evidence-based treatment options. The Cosmetic Culture team bring a combined wealth of decades of experience, with up-to-date hands on practical skills that ensure you always receive the highest levels of care and attention.

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our strengths

Why Choose CosmeticCulture

A Reputation For Safety
Combining state-of-the-art techniques with the highest level of patient care. You’re in the safe and experienced hands of the team at Cosmetic Culture.
You just need to take a look at the before and after photos to see the cosmetic artistry and meticulous attention to detail in every treatment performed.
Comfort & Trust
When you step into one of our Sydney clinics for the first time you’ll feel comfortable in the hands of a trusted and experienced team who always put safety first.
Professional Integrity
Dr Tim is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has earned the reputation of a surgeon dedicated to both his patients, team and the betterment of the industry.
Have any questions about what treatment is right for you?
Speak to one of our friendly, trusted staff.

our process

Your Journey

From your first phone call, through to meetings with the team, we’ll listen to your goals and the results you’re looking for.
Not all treatments are right for every person or situation, so we take the time to analyse your skin using our advanced SkinScan system that allows us to create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your exact needs.
Your first visit is usually a bit longer to allow for the assessment and treatment planning, and subsequent visits are usually shorter with our ‘minimal downtime’ philosophy.
Most of our treatments are minimally invasive, with few visible side effects and recovery within hours. Our team will let you know what to expect from your recovery. But expect to be back enjoying life and the results of your treatments as soon as possible.