Breast Augmentation

Many women require two breast procedures, a breast augmentation and a breast lift.


There are many women who require two breast procedures, a breast augmentation and a breast lift, to achieve optimal breast shape, after having nursed children or lost a substantial amount of weight so that their breasts begin to sag.

Common reasons patients may have both breast augmentation and lift include:

    Sagging breasts that would be lifted inadequately with breast implants alone

    Desire for smaller breast implants than would be needed to achieve an attractive lift

    Areola location too low for optimal breast shape with breast augmentation alone

    Asymmetry of areola diameter or position

    Large diameter areolas

    Asymmetry of the amount of breast skin

    Asymmetry of the position of the crease underneath the breast

    Tubular breast shape

For many of these patients, having both a breast implant and a lift gives them more options for achieving beautiful results. The patient then has more flexibility in choosing her ideal breast size. Many mothers say they appreciated the fullness of their breasts when they were pregnant. They may want to restore the youthful upper breast fullness without dramatically changing their breast size. Other patients may choose to be larger than they were previously. I help patients understand the implications of changing the size and shape of their implants, and how it will affect their final result.


Combination breast augmentation and lift may be performed as one operation or two. It is technically more challenging for the surgeon to perform both operations in one stage, but that is what the majority of my patients choose because it’s more convenient for them. In one-stage procedures, I first decide on the optimal implants based on my discussions with the patient and the appearance of the implant sizers I fit in the operating room. Once the final implants are in place, I then adjust the breast lift to create a beautiful breast shape over the new implant during the same operation.

When performed in two stages, the breast lift is usually performed first. If after several months the patient would like larger breasts, she may proceed with a second stage augmentation at that time. Small adjustments may then be made in the lift to accommodate the new implants.

Most of my patients take one week to recover before returning to work. The incisions heal over the course of several weeks, and the patient may begin to resume their normal exercise routine at that time.

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