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Our proprietary line of highly efficacious skincare products were created to work in conjunction with our treatments to enhance the skin’s performance and vitality; to remove imperfections; and to replace what age and time have taken away.

At CosmeticCulture we have researched various skin care products and recommend Synergie Skin Care that are beneficial to improving skin health, while decreasing the effects of sun damage and ageing. A consultation with our aesthetician will ensure the correct delivery of safe & quality skincare, resulting in a skincare program tailored to your individual needs. CosmeticCulture provides some of the highest quality skin care products available. We offer a diverse range of products in order to accommodate a range of skin types.

Synergie Skin Care is based on clean science philosophy.  The synergy of the very best laboratory synthesized and natural ingredients to create effective, ethical skin care.  There are many ‘natural’ product ranges on the market that may feel gentle and nurturing to touch, yet make little cosmeceutical impact on your skin.  Even natural ingredients can be harmful to the skin if used incorrectly.  Synergy Skin’s point of difference is that it harnesses the most effective aspects of science and nature by using sound discipline and clinical data. Complementary elements are combined whilst excluding potentially toxic ingredients.  Synergie Skin products are 100% Australian made and owned. We are sure that once you try Synergie Skin products, you and your skin will love it!

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