Vitamin Infusion Treatment

The use of Vitamin Infusions increases skin absorption.


One of the many functions of the skin is to protect us from the environment. The skin is very effective at providing a barrier to the entry of external compounds. This barrier is provided mainly through lipids (oils) in between cells in the surface layers of the skin, the stratum corneum. Lipids are impermeable to compounds containing molecular charges. In many cases only a fraction of the ingredients we apply to the skin in cosmetics eventually enters the skin. The use of Vitamin Infusion Sonophoresis increases skin absorption depending on the substance being applied.

What is UltraSonophoresis Delivery System?
Application of Vitamin Infusion Ultrasound waves at 20KHz (20,000 cycles per second) has been shown to increase penetration of ingredients up to several thousand fold. It allows for intense delivery of active ingredients to effectively treat skin conditions. This is not the same as medical ultrasound, which uses much higher cycles (1-3MHz). This is too fast for derma delivery. Little bubbles form within the intercellular lipids from the rapid vibration of the sound wave. These are filled with product before they quickly close again. The next wave arrives pushing the bubbles deeper into the layer of the skin, at the same time another bubble is filled with product. Cavitation is the correct term for these bubbles some of which get to approximately 100 microns in size, it is this cavitation effect that allows deeper penetration.

Is there any discomfort and are there any side effects?
Vitamin Infusion is a treatment that is designed to be gentle yet effective. During the vitamin infusion UltraSonophoresis session you may experience a slight tingle to the skin, accompanied by the warmth of the infusion spatula and the sound of the rapid vibration. Your skin may look slightly flushed and feel slightly warm immediately after the treatment, but should return to normal in 10-30 minutes. Makeup can be worn immediately and normal activities resumed. Very occasionally, dryness or irritation may occur due to the high penetration of active ingredients achieved by this treatment. These symptoms will settle spontaneously over a few days with application of a bland moisturiser.