CosmeticCulture is the place to go for visible improvement to the skin. We provide the most advanced cosmetic medical treatments that create a lasting improvement in the way your skin looks, acts, and feels. Our medically-trained aestheticians, who also happen to be registered nurses, and our plastic surgeon, are skilled in both the art and the science of treating your skin.
The first part of your consultation is with your CosmeticCulture consultant who will introduce you to skinscan, our advanced imaging system that provides an in depth analysis of your skin. By taking images of your skin, your CosmeticCulture consultant will create a skinscan report that measures and analyses the surface and subsurface of your skin’s current condition focusing on six different areas of concern, spots, pores, bacteria level, wrinkles, evenness (colour variations in skin tone) and sun damage, you will get to take a copy of this home. Next you will meet with your aesthetician, who will develop your skinscription, your customised plan of treatments and products based on your skinscan report and the improvements you desire. Then you can have your first treatment! You should plan to be here – 60 mins for your first visit, and remember subsequent visits are based on lunch time, no downtime philosophy, so depending on your treatment, your visits can be anywhere between 20 mins to an hour.
A customised plan, specific to your needs, of cosmetic medical treatments and products designed to create a visible improvement to your skin.
Depending on your skin and its needs, your aesthetician may recommend an essential treatment to get rid of dullness, lighten sun spots, and even out skin tone; a laser treatment to remove sun spots, broken capillaries, or unwanted hair; anti-wrinkle injections to remove frown lines, furrows, and crow’s feet; cosmetic fillers to reshape lips, fill in laugh lines, re-contour hollows and redefine the jaw line.
At CosmeticCulture medically trained aestheticians, who are registered nurses, or plastic surgeon, are experts in the treatments we offer as well as understanding what will be best suited for your skin to deliver visible improvements to your skin.
Please call us to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Please note that because we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients, we require 24 hours advance notice to reschedule or cancel appointments; as such, there is a $50 fee for missed appointments.
Because our aestheticians are medical professionals, they do not accept gratuities. However, we welcome your feedback and encourage you to refer friends and family.
CosmeticCulture offers series packages on our laser and essential treatments. CosmeticCulture series offer a great way to ensure continuity in your treatment plan. Please refer to our treatments or products page for information on series pricing. From time to time, CosmeticCulture will offer a special promotions on our treatments and products to our valued clients.
Because our products are specially designed to work in conjunction with our treatments, only existing CosmeticCulture clients with skinscriptions can buy our products. If you are an existing client of ours, we welcome you to call or stop in one of our locations to purchase your products.
Please call our Lane Cove clinic on 02 9420 1102 or send us an email at info@cosmeticculture.com.au

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Combining state-of-the-art techniques with the highest level of patient care. You’re in the safe and experienced hands of the team at Cosmetic Culture.
You just need to take a look at the before and after photos to see the cosmetic artistry and meticulous attention to detail in every treatment performed.
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When you step into one of our Sydney clinics for the first time you’ll feel comfortable in the hands of a trusted and experienced team who always put safety first.
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