Beauty Booster

This amazing medical non-surgical treatment is a game changer for fresher, dewy, hydrated skin with little down time.

The skin progressively loses hydration as we age. Combined with poor lifestyle of alcohol, smoking, unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, air conditioning and the sun, can exacerbate moisture problems that affect the texture and quality of the skin.

The Beauty Booster is suitable for all skin types. It works by stimulating collagen, replenishing the body’s natural moisturising properties. It not only improves the hydration, texture & creepiness of the skin, fines lines and wrinkles improve. It boosts the elasticity of the skin, creating firmer, tighter and more radiant skin.

You can treat the whole face, décolletage neck and hands or you can target more specific areas like under the eyes up to the lashes, upper lip lines and smile lines.

This never before treatment uses a special V2 injection gun that allows delivery at a special programmed depth and evenly spaced. It involves fine micro injections of essential Hyaluronic Acid (HA), This new micro filler is combined with a unique patented formula of effective natural components (amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins). This multiple unique micro needling stimulates ongoing collagen and HA production, regenerating fibroblasts in the skin to tighten and firm. Combined with a non-cross-linked micro Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler called Teosyal Redensity 1. It allows hydration and reduction in lines to give a plumped youthful hydrated glow without bulk.

This is a natural result seen within 24-48 hours and continues to improve over few months. This has the added advantage of combining two treatments into one.

What does it involve?

Treatment takes 30 min and we normally apply numbing cream 30min prior. The face, décolletage, neck or hands that are being treated are thoroughly cleaned and antiseptic solution is used. Try to avoid medication and food that thin the blood for one week prior.

The micro filler contains local anaesthetic and the micro injections are shallow and super fine needles that barely mark the skin. The unique specialised V2 injector gun hand piece delivers nine micro needles that stamp the face in 5 cm square area. It uses a slight suction to deliver the filler. Therefore, providing the collagen stimulating needling technique and filler at the exact same time, eliminating a two-process treatment. The multi-needle concept means it is much faster than having normal facial fillers. It is designed to injection just under the skin with a super liquid filler to not bulk the skin. Creating a very gradual but natural improvement.

It does not replace getting normal filler for deeper wrinkles, hollows areas, lifting and definition or lip enhancement.

The V2 injecting gun allows us to programme the depth delivered more accurate and evenly every time and we can program the depth under the eyes differently to other parts of the face as with sensitive skins.

If you have a low pain threshold we can do a facial nerve block of local anaesthetic that lasts 45min. We also can give you nitrous gas (laughing gas) but it usually isn’t required.


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