Double Chin Fat Reduction

Non-Surgical Double Chin Fat Reduction (by injection)

A double chin occurs when there is a pocket of fat that exists under the chin, creating a fuller, heavier and undefined jawline and chin. This is usually due to genetics and the natural ageing process. It may also appear as a result of weight change. However, this unwanted fat volume is usually not going to go away, no matter how much you diet or exercise. Weight loss usually has little or no impact on this area.

A double chin is a common concern that both men and women feel is undesirable. The extra fat under the chin often makes people feel as if they look older and heavier than they really are. Until recently, there were few non-surgical options to remove the double chin, instead relying on surgical procedures such as undergoing a Neck Lift or Liposuction.

The breakthrough comes in the form of fat-dissolving injections called Belkyra and has recently been approved by the Therapeutic Goods of Australia (TGA).This double chin dissolver is a prescription drug and is comprised of the active ingredient Deoxycholic Acid (which is a naturally occurring substance, formed in the liver and stored in the gallbladder that works to break down the fat cells).

When injected under the chin, it permanently destroys the unwanted fat cells. This treatment utilises a synthetic form of the bile-produced enzyme which disrupts the membranes or fat cells and is then digested by the body. The body recognises the disruption of fat cells as an injury and creates inflammation and then repairs, causing new collagen formation that creates elasticity and skin tightening. These treatments will achieve a contoured, sculptured and slimmer jawline.

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